Friday, September 7, 2012


 Claremore, Okla. (Sept. 7, 2012)—Rogers County District Attorney Janice Steidley said today that she received a report from the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office on September 5, 2012 regarding the death of the dog Jetta, whose body was found Saturday on a county road in the Winganon area.
 “Our office received new information as late as last night. Based upon the new information that has been brought to my attention I have requested the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office re-open their case and investigate the new leads that have been presented to the District Attorney’s Office,” said Steidley.  “At this point I consider this case to still be an open investigation and because of that I cannot discuss any facts or evidence that has been presented to this office.” 
Once the investigation is complete, the District Attorney’s Office will review the investigative report from the Sheriff’s office.
“Under the law the District Attorney’s Office cannot charge a person with a crime based upon mere suspicion, speculation or hunches. We have to make a decision based upon the evidence presented to us by the law enforcement agency.  This is how every case is handled” said Steidley.
The case has drawn widespread public attention.
 “We love animals and are working tirelessly to resolve this case. The fact that we are receiving and processing leads at night speaks volumes about the level of our commitment.
“We have heard the cries for justice loud and clear and are doing everything possible to answer them. At this point, the contacts with our office or the Sheriff’s office that will move the case forward are those which involve direct physical evidence or witnesses who actually saw any kind of interaction between Jetta and a person or persons between Wednesday, Aug. 29. and Saturday, Sept. 1,” Steidley concluded.
Calls with that kind of information should be directed to 918-341-3620. 

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