Thursday, September 13, 2012

Golden Dragon Taekwondo Owasso

If you’re looking for something to strengthen your child inside as well as out, consider Golden Dragon Taekwondo in Owasso, an affiliate school of Golden Dragon Taekwondo in Tulsa. The program teaches traditional and Olympic style taekwondo under the direction of Korean Masters and Instructors.

While it can be hard to sometimes find the right balance in your child’s discipline, Golden Dragon’s philosophy builds “courage, confidence, a positive attitude, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and an indomitable spirit.”

 “I love teaching taekwondo because it’s very good for developing discipline, confidence and respect in children,” Owasso Instructor Mincheol Sohn says. “Most children today are weaker than past generations because they haven’t experienced many hardships. Our education is very traditional, so it can make children’s minds stronger.” 

At Golden Dragon, your child will receive quality instruction from a qualified teacher with numerous accolades and titles behind his name.  A lifelong participant in taekwondo, Sohn is a gold medal state champion in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and a Las Vegas Pan Am gold medalist.

Golden Dragon Taekwondo is led under the supervision of Master Hwan Soo Seo, a 6th degree black belt in taekwondo, a three time Korea national champion and a  U.S. Open Taekwondo Championship gold medalist, to name a few of his accomplishments.

Traditional Taekwondo classes are offered for any age group, male or female, and focus on techniques, self defense, sparring, flexibility, meditation, etc. Through this class, they offer something for almost everyone—fitness, flexibility and social elements. Additionally, the class promotes the development of self confidence, mental sharpness, stress control, agility, and a stronger body overall.

As mentioned, Golden Dragon also offers Olympic Taekwondo classes, which focus on developing sparring skills through hard training, driving their ”students to the edge of extreme challenge.”  As the website states: “Every year, we will attend many different tournaments, starting with local events progressing to national and international tournaments, including the Junior Olympic qualifications and ultimately the International Olympic Games.”

Students of Golden Dragon—not just kids, but adults too— have nothing but positive things to say about their experiences so far.  Bill Wilson says, “Think Olympic style taekwondo mixed with Crossfit, which is the new health and fitness craze. That is what you get at Golden Dragon TKD. You will learn the martial art and have the stamina to perform it if you ever need to. Also, where else teaches an actual Olympic sport and fully expects some of its students to be contenders for the U.S. National Taekwondo team. You won't find that anywhere else around here. This is true Korean Taekwondo, and there is a difference.”

Another new taekwondo devotee, Weston Horn, says, “My wife and I joined Golden Dragon (Owasso) a couple months ago without knowing what to expect. We attended a class just to try it out, and after the first class we were hooked. The first day of class we were nervous about feeling out of place, but instantly we were met with a great atmosphere where the instructor, Mincheol Sohn, makes you feel like family. You can tell that the Golden Dragon staff really does care about you as an individual and wants you to be happy and healthy. 

“My wife and I have seen a huge improvement in not only our physical shape, but it has also made our relationship stronger. The training is second to none and when you are done with class, you feel like you have pushed yourself and really accomplished something. Working together through the training with my wife has built a lot of teamwork and given us something we can do and talk about together. I hands down recommend anyone to come in and try it out!”

Golden Dragon also participates in community outreach events, such as hosting an annual free taekwondo demonstration for orphans “to provide hope and a dream for a better future.”
Enrollment is currently open, and those interested can attend a 2-for-1 free grand opening promotion event. 

Classes range from 3 years and up; family classes are also available.

Golden Dragon Taekwondo is located at 13720 E. 86th St., Suite 160 in Owasso.
For more information or enrollment, email; visit; check them out on Facebook; or call (918) 760-8898.

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