Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Suspect barricaded himself in Owasso Quiktrip after home invasion

Just after 4am Tuesday morning Owasso Police received a call of an erratic driver in a red truck pulling into the Quiktrip on 116th Street North.

The vehicle matched the description of one that had previously been reported stolen in Rogers County. When officers arrived it was verified that it was the stolen vehicle they had been alerted about.

Police were searching for Johnny Littlecook and Kallie Walkins. They say the couple drove into a home in Rogers County early Tuesday morning, fled, and apparently broke into a second house stealing that couples truck.  

Residents of the 2nd house reported a home invasion shorlty before the QT stop.  The Owasso residents reported someone broke in their back door, and stole their truck,wallet, purse, laptop, camera and more.

The vehicle had one male and one female occupant. The female was immediately taken into custody. The male barricaded himself in the bathroom of the store. 

Officers said he warned them he was armed with a gun. After repeated commands to exit the man came out with a syringe in his hand .

Owasso Police used a "Less Lethal" gun (bean bag) on the suspect and took him into custody.
 He was transported to St John Medical Center in Owasso for evaluation and decontamination where he remained at 8:00am, in  intensive care based on the high level of drugs believed to be in his system.

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