Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ATT Oklahoma Veterans Group looking for items to be sent to deployed service members

ATT Oklahoma Veterans Group, an organization that supports veterans both active and retired, is asking for the community to help in gathering items to send to deployed troops.They work with active employees and for other vets in different communities where possible.

Some of the organization's employees are currently deployed to Afghanistan and other points. One of the troops currently deployed lives in Owasso and his sons'  all attend Owasso schools.  ATT Oklahoma Veterans Group would like to put together some really nice care packages to send along with what the Blue Star Mothers are sending soon. 

Below is a list of items, provided to them by deployed service members of the 120th Engineer Battalion:

Chips - pringles,corn chips
Snacks - pretzels,granola bars/nutri-grain bars/cookies/crackers/peanuts
Powdered drink mixes - gatorade/lemonade/crystal-lite)
Hard Candy
Carnation Instant Breakfast
Ramen Noodle
Baby wipes (fragrance free)

Special Request Items:

Dust Buster’s
Protein Powder
Reading material (paper back books and magazines)
Small Shop Vacuums (needed due to the fine powdered dust)

Any powdered or dry goods are okay to send. Liquids need to be kept to a minimum to prevent any possible contamination of other food products caused by spilling and leaking. 

Contact Tracy Malloy at 918 698-5223 or Christy Cordray  at 918 815-7532. They both live in Owasso and can help arrange drop off or pick ups at any time.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! 

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