Thursday, October 25, 2012

City of Owasso adds Pelivan to CNG user list

Owasso, October 25, 2012: Pelivan Owasso will be bringing another dedicated CNG user to the City of Owasso’s new CNG fast-fill station. Pelivan Transit has been funded a grant from the Federal Transit Administration in the amount of $91,140 for this add-on service to address additional transportation needs in the City of Owasso and surrounding area.

Pelivan will be contracting with Logisticare to provide Medicaid transportation services for the needful individuals in this area. The subsidy paid by Logisticare for the fares will be the local match required for this 50/50 grant program.

Pelivan Transit is a demand-response transportation service operated by the Grand Gateway Economic Development Association. Pelivan is a non-profit organization, operating primarily on funding from government and corporate entities, including federal and state grants. The company focuses on providing transportation to individuals who do not consistently have a private means of transportation.

Pelivan Transit began its Owasso operations in December 2007. Since that time, the service has built a stable customer base. Pelivan presently operates two handicap accessible vans in the Owasso area, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am until 4:00pm.

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