Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Baptist Church Owasso explains reason for cancelling Ark in the Dark Fall Festival

Ark in the Dark Fall Festival, hosted by First Baptist Church Owasso has been cancelled. The event was scheduled for Saturday, October 27. 

First Baptist Church would like for the community to know their exact reason for the cancellation. 

From First Baptist Church Owasso:
I need to tell you about an important change to Ark in the Dark.

Many of you are aware of the tragedy that took place last weekend. A car filled with students from Owasso High School swerved to miss a deer. The resulting accident led to several injuries and the death of one of the students, Brittany Ellis.

We learned late yesterday that funeral services for Brittany will be held at the Owasso High School Performing Arts Center this Saturday afternoon. The time of the service coincides with the time of this year's Fall Festival: Ark in the Dark.

Out of respect for family and friends and in light of this tragic loss we have decided to cancel this year's Ark in the Dark. We do not believe it is appropriate to have a community 'party' outside the PAC as grieving family and friends attend a funeral inside.

Every year Ark in the Dark is a fun opportunity for the people of our church to minister to the people of our community. As many as 4000 people have attended in the past. This makes the Owasso High School Parking Lot the perfect - really the only - location available to host an event of this size. This year it's clear that we need to minister to the people of our community in a different way.

Let me ask you to do these things:

Pray for the friends and family of Brittany Ellis, those involved in the accident, and those who will attend the service.
Take time to listen and offer words of encouragement to those who may be hurting or confused.
Continue to share the gospel by being a light in the darkness during this Halloween season. Sunday morning thousands of gospel tracts and now bags of candy will be available for you to use on Halloween night as a way to share Christ. The information we provide this Sunday can be used anytime, anywhere. Get creative! You could even take bags of candy and give them to your child's ball team. Each bag contains a gospel tract.
Thank you for understanding and for being mindful of the needs of others during moments of tragedy. As our kids will learn in Sunday School this month, we don’t always need to have all the answers or understand all the reasons why to know that God sees the “big picture” and we can trust Him.

Jesus Lives!
Kolby King
Children's Minister-First Baptist Church Owasso


  1. I completely feel the same way! Prayers for the family and i pray God heals the pain for this young ladies family and friends. Thank you First Baptist for showing respect for this family. God bless <3


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