Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saint Paul’s Anglican Expands to TU Campus

Fr. Brad Van Deventer
The Anglican Church of Saint Paul in Owasso is offering a new worship service at the University of Tulsa as part of a newly formed ministry.

Starting Sunday, October 7th at 7:00pm, all are welcome to enjoy an Anglican worship service in Sharp Chapel followed by fellowship and tea time.  Fr. Brad Van Deventer, the church’s Missionary Priest, will preside over the services which may include Evening Prayer, Solemn Evensong or Holy Eucharist. Fr. Van Deventer added, "In the midst of a world that bombards us with chaos and endless distractions, the evening worship service offers a structured time to focus, worship and pray. We invite all to come and experience this ancient faith and this timeless love."

Although there is a possibility that the service may grow to form a church independent of Saint Paul’s, according to Fr. Van Deventer, the current focus is on campus ministry. However, he added, the service is open not only to students, TU faculty and staff, but also the public.

Saint Paul's celebrates its sixth year as a congregation on October 1st.  The church currently offers two services on Sunday – 10:00am in Owasso at Mowery Chapel, and 6:00pm in Bartlesville at the First Presbyterian Church Chapel. Saint Paul’s is a member of the Anglican Church of North America.

For more information about Saint Paul's, see or contact Fr. Chris Waters at 918- 629-2514 or Fr. Brad Van Deventer at 918-497-9601.


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