Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Congratulations Owasso Choir Students

Several Owasso students were chosen to perform with the Northeastern Oklahoma Choir Directors Association All-District Honor Choir.

Listed from back to front, students are Donovan Miller, Eric Buss, Nolan Ferguson, Avery Morrison, Justin O'Connell, Devin Mertins, Natalie Pitkin, Andrew Davis, Nick Denny, Natalie Ginn, Charlotte Sparks, Mariah Edwards, Jordan Biggs, Sara Davis, Callie Johnson, Carolyn Bettridge, Malia Sherwood, Sophia Gilstrap and Kris Blackstar.

Members of the Junior High Choir are featured here. Listed from back to front, students are Kelly Larson, Alex Reedy, Mason Wiese, Jared Linder, Tyler Pace, Katie Thorisch, Teresa Burke, Nick Joines, Trent Gleason, Sarah Ashcroft, Ciara Webster, Sarah Townsend, Jessie Wolfe, Emily Wall, Alex Alexander and Jordan Alimena.

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