Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Future of Funding for Native American Programs audio conference to be held November 15

The Future of Funding for Native American Programs audio conference will be held Thursday, November 15 from 1:00-2:15 Central time.

What's the outlook for federal funding for Native American programs in 2013, in the aftermath of November's elections? How will Washington respond to the needs of Native Americans, Hawaiians, and Alaskans -- and what will tribal organizations need to know now to compete successfully for future funding?

Get the answers to these critical questions and more by joining CD Publications and Native American Report on Thursday, November 15 for an authoritative, interactive discussion about The Future of Funding for Native American Programs.

During this 75-minute information-packed event, senior editor of Native American Report and Community Health Funding Report Dave Kittross will guide you through the maze of funding-related issues critically important to Native Americans, including:

Will federal grants be available -- again -- to promote economic development, tribal justice, healthcare, Native languages and culture?
Will Bureau of Indian Affairs' direct grant programs for health, safety, and community development survive?
What about Native funding from the Education Department, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Science Foundation and other agencies?
Will funding for Indian housing at least remain level, in light of budget pressures?
Will set-aside funds under the Community Development Block Grant for Native community revitalization activities again be offered?
With energy a priority for Democrats and Republicans, will the Energy Department increase grants for alternative energy on Indian lands, or will emphasis shift to traditional sources like coal and oil?
Plus, you'll get invaluable insights on private funding for native programs

We'll point you toward some of the most generous sources of private funding for Native American programs, from larger funders with generally broader eligibility requirements, so your programs are more likely to be eligible. And, we'll tell you how to get your proposal in front of decision-makers at private and corporate foundations, and what you need to know to make your application stand out so your chances of funding are greatly improved.

Ample time to answer all your questions

This event is an excellent opportunity for you and your staff to clarify or get answers to any of your funding-related questions. Your questions and comments are encouraged before, during and for a full 30 days after the event, whether you attend or buy the CD.

Get 5 months of Native American Report for just $50 more when you register

When you sign up to join us or purchase a CD recording, you'll have the chance to add a subscription to NAR to your order for just $10 a month. This one-of-a-kind news service is a continually updated online resource covering federal and private funding, legal and legislative developments affecting Native American programs nationwide.

Whether you're an experienced grants specialist or a beginner, The Future of Funding for Native American Programs will provide your organization with valuable information you will use again and again. For just $199, you and your entire staff can gather around one speakerphone and benefit from this information-packed discussion.

Because there is limited space available, we encourage you to act promptly to ensure your attendance!

Register Online:
Call us at 1-800-666-6380
Email us at

*Information from Native American Report

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