Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fire Lanes - Don't let parking in one ruin your Holiday!

 I recently emailed Sgt Nick Boatman with the Owasso Police Department for information on parking in fire lanes, as so many people think it is okay to sit in one and wait on someone in a store, only to be giving a ticket for doing so. So, here is the information I received......

"The Owasso Police Department does enforce Fire Lane violations at all times. The number of violations increases over the holiday season due to heavy traffic volume and shopper impatience.

It is important that shoppers remember that the goal of Fire Lanes is to allow the unimpeded access to a building by emergency crews in emergency situations. Fire lanes are marked immediately in front of all businesses by either painted striping, erected signage or combination of both.

Occasionally time and the elements corrode striping so it is important for drivers to just know, do not park curbside at any business except in fully marked loading zones. There are NO exceptions to this Ordinance other than emergency vehicles during duty operations, so store personnel cannot provide you temporary permission to park in these lanes. Drivers may not stop or park in fire lanes.

It is a common misconception that occupied vehicles can stop or park curbside in Fire Lanes to load or offload occupants or merchandise however this is untrue. Police and Fire officials will often be very reasonable when enforcing this Ordinance however the fine in the City of Owasso for
violating a Fire Lane is $150.00.

Unoccupied vehicles may be towed at owner's expense.

We hope this answers questions regarding Fire Lanes and remember, public safety is the primary goal."

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