Monday, January 7, 2013

Restaurant review – Planet Sub

A sub is a sub is a sub, is what one reader posted when we announced the coming of Planet Sub to Owasso. I beg to differ.

Walking in, you will find the restaurant walls covered with Fillmore style murals. Being a product of the 70s, it made me feel quite at home. 70's music also plays in the background. You order at the counter..... and as their sign says, “you order it, we make it, we bake it, we take it.” In just a few minutes, our order was delivered to our table, hot and fresh.

I had done a little research before going in, and ordered a Reuben. My lunch partner ordered the "Yellow Sub", which hosts ham, roast beef, turkey, bacon, Swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, brown mustard and Mayo. He ordered it special without the lettuce and tomato. That was not a problem. We were also given a punch card, offering buy 10 get one free. Two punches today so we are on our way. Eat there on Wednesday and receive extra punches!

Right off the bat, I will tell you I am not a baked Sub fan. I have always liked soft chewy bread you get elsewhere. I quickly learned the subs here were different.

They have one type of bread. It is a light wheat and made fresh daily. The entire sub is wrapped in foil and baked. Bread remains soft but toasted. I couldn't have asked my Reuben to be any better. My lunch partner raved about the yellow sub as well.

Price point varies depending on the type of sub you order. Both of ours were around $5.50 and well worth every penny. They have a wide variety to choose from. A children's menu is also offered. You may view their complete menu by clicking here.

On my next visit, I plan on trying the "Pesto Bella Combo" which sounds delicious!

Planet sub is located in Smith Farm market, at 9045 N. 121 E. Avenue, in the old Hamlet location. Their phone number is 918 – 274 – 8718.

Planet sub, has invested in Owasso… I'm very glad they did. I think you will be too.


  1. Thanks so much for coming in and trying us out! We appreciate the time you took to share about our grand opening and glad you enjoyed the subs! Come see us again and let us know if we can do anything to help out the good people of Owasso!

  2. My family has tried Tijuana Taxi, Meatball Grinder, Cheese Steak, Super Hero and Smoky Southwest Chicken. I love this place! We like everything we have tried very much. A must visit if you haven't!!!!! The best Sub's Owasso has to offer.


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