Monday, January 14, 2013

Shelli Rogers spoke at the January Owasso DAR meeting

Shelli Rogers spoke to the Owasso Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, on January 7, 2013.  She spoke about her father Bob Watson and his time in Germany during WWII as a POW.  

Shelli knew nothing about his experiences during the war because he would not talk about it.  In fact, she learned more after her father’s death. She went through her father’s things and found a list of names.  She called some, but these men would not talk with her.  She finally got in touch with Glen C. Malitzke who lived in Kansas.  He would talk with her.  He was Glen C. Malitzke, Tech. Sgt., 42nd Infantry, Rainbow Division, and an ex-P.O.W. of Stalag XIII-C, Hammelburg, Germany, 1945.

Mr. Malitzke sent her a picture of her father’s group after they were liberated.  He told her that he would write down everything and mail it to her.  She asked him how he could remember everything and he said that for some reason he was allowed to keep his Gideon’s New Testament and a Protestant Serviceman’s Prayer Book.  He told her that he kept records in the margins of these two books.  He had no idea why he was allowed to keep them because after their capture they were stripped down, and all their personal belongings and military gear was confiscated.  They were given  German clothing and French berets.

Shelli’s story was personal and very heartwarming because she had searched for information and finally found someone who could tell about her father’s time as a P.O.W.  

Mr. Malitzke died before he could finish his manuscript, but his inscription was “Dedicated with gratitude to the memory of Staff Sergeant Robert D. Watson, one of America’s Finest and former Prisoner of War, Nazi Germany, Stalag XIII-C, Hammelburg, Germany.  Also, Stalag Ihulba, Ihulba, Germany, 1945.” He had titled his story  Survivor.

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