Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Owasso Animal Control is asking for immediate help regarding a dog bite that occurred on Saturday

Owasso Animal Control is asking for help regarding an incident that occurred at the Owasso Petsmart store this past Saturday, Feb 2nd. While petting a customer’s dog in one of the lines at the store, an 8yo child was bitten by the animal and taken to the hospital. Officers responded to the hospital but by the time they arrived at Petsmart, the owner of the dog had left. To prevent this young child from going through a long painful series of rabies vaccinations we are asking the owner of this dog to please come forward and contact the Owasso Animal Control Office at 918-272-4965 IMMEDIATELY. We have only a few short days before the shots MUST begin. The owner of the animal did speak with the child’s guardians following the bite and there is no accusation that the owner did anything wrong, we just need information regarding the animals vaccinations. There will be no criminal charges sought against the owner of the animal. The dog was described as “possibly” being yellow with medium to long hair. If anyone can provide information about the owner of this animal please call the Owasso Animal Control Office immediately at 918-272-4965. Thank you, OwPD

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