Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Owasso Police crime prevention recommendation:

A recent theft trend during morning hours has seen mothers, quickly running children into daycares and/or preschools, returning to discover the vehicles have been entered and purses and/or other property stolen. In some cases locked vehicles have had their windows broken in order to gain entry.

We always recommend completely shutting off your vehicle and taking valuables with you even when only running into establishments for a moment. 

Although the mindset is that it will only take a minute to drop off a child, it only takes a few short seconds to smash a window and reach for a purse. 

As always we encourage anyone seeing any suspicious activity to report it to local police immediately. The non-emergency number to the Owasso Police Department is 918-272-2244, or in life threatening situations 911. 

Thank you, OwPD

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